As the IAM looks forward to the next four years, we want to take to the next level as a tool for our membership. You can help by completing this simple survey - we'll use your feedback to guide our planning for the new site. Thank you!

How often do you come to the web site?
Less than once per month
Every month or so
Once per week
Once per day
More than once per day

Why do you come to the web site? Check all that apply.
Story in iMail directs me to web site
An e-mail from a friend/fellow union member
An announcement sent by my lodge communicator
A link on my local lodge web site
A link on another web site
I saw you in the news
I found you in a search engine

I come to to (check all that apply):
Get news about the IAM
Get news about my territory
Get news about specific issues/negotiations
Learn what the IAM is doing for me
Send the IAM feedback on issues

What do you most like about the GOIAM web site?

What would you most like to improve/change on

Thank you for your help. We'll use your feedback to guide the next version of When you click 'submit' you'll be taken back to the GOIAM home page.